What to prepare for filing disability benefits claim

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Disability law

Accident happens in the work-place, and fatal injury can turn a person’s life upside down. Financial burden accumulates while the injury may prevent the victim from working as well as before. In the worst case, the injury leads to disability, and the person can’t work for life. Government provides protection in such situation with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). But applying for it requires preparation.

Consider hiring an attorney as early as possible

ladyLaw firms that specialize in the legal matter of workforce offer their service to help unfortunate workers. Their charge for disability claim is a contingency, which means you only pay the attorney if you win your case and you get the disability benefits. Technically, you do not pay for the legal service, but you do for extra-tasks, like collecting your psychological profile, and work and medical records, etc. These extras, though, won’t cost you more than 300$.

Hiring disability attorney before filing the claim reduces the chance for you to get rejected. Document preparation, and question & answer during the interview; you need to know them first before you apply. One mistake can delay the whole process and may force you to look for an appeal, which will take longer time.

Comprehensive medical reports

DoctorInsufficient medical reports are the most common reason for disability benefits claim to get rejected. The documents do not only describe your health condition but also, more importantly, whether you follow the doctor’s prescription and regularly do the advised medical treatment. The main point of the documents is to provide convincing grounds for the medical condition, with the maximum elimination of intentionality.

The best way to prepare for the papers is by consulting with the expert. Louisiana disability attorney provides the service and has credible background on the matter. Expert opinion can enlighten you on the definition of disability. What medical conditions are eligible and the most likely to get approved for the benefits? This question can’t be answered without thoroughly studying the Social Security medical guidelines.

Comprehensive financial documents

document290-123Your current financial condition should be documented, as some insurance programs will require it. There is the maximum value of wealth, possessed by the claimant, which allows him/her to be qualified for the disability benefits. In most cases, the claimant’s financial situation also determines the amount of the received benefits. Defense attorney’s presence will help a lot during this calculation.

Contacting potential testifiers

During the court hearing, the statement of your medical condition requires testimonies. Your doctors are the most liable testifier, but you also need to think of colleagues, or co-worker, and family member that can support your documented statements.…